We recently came across this blog post in the Globe and Mail entitled: Is your employment lawyer the real deal?

We would like to echo the comments therein of Toronto-based employment lawyer, Daniel A. Lublin – choose your employment lawyer very wisely. In particular, watch out for the following:

1. Employment lawyers who offer “free consultations”. Like Mr. Lublin states, and like anything else in life, business or law, you get what you pay for. This holds true in the employment law realm, too.

2. Online advertising and self-professed “employment law specialists“: One quick Google Search will reveal a ton of Calgary-based lawyers using Google Ads to market themselves to the public as “employment law specialists”. Beware – many of these lawyers are “generalists” who practice law in many other, wholly unrelated areas. Search them and their websites carefully. The reality is, very few lawyers in Calgary practice employment law exclusively i.e. very few lawyers in Calgary are true employment law “specialists”. In fact, many of these online advertisers are relatively unknown in employment law circles.

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